Stylish water points to keep everyone hydrated.

fresh water

Clean filtered water, chilled or sparkling.

No heavy bottles

No exchange of bottles and storage.

reduce plastic use

Refill existing bottles to reduce waste.

Swift Delivery

Most models available from stock for quick delivery.

Free Installation

Quick and convenient installation.

Lease Rental

Easy monthly payment terms or fixed rental.



Safe and hygienic water dispense systems.


This point-of-use water cooler has a large dispense area, integrated cup dispenser and the option of sparkling water.

The cooler features touch panel controls, a shrouded faucet and auto lit dispense area.

Available as a floor standing or countertop unit.


Hygienic and ergonomic, the B4 flourishes in all environments – from boardroom to sports hall. Its compact size, large dispense area for bottles, multiple water options and flexible configuration make it the most popular model.

An office water dispenser that features a control panel designed for immaculate hygiene. Completely flush with no intricate buttons to harbour germs and contaminants.


The B5 has ultra modern design, high-end functionality and ergonomic design. Its shrouded faucet provides enhanced hygiene as the water is dispensed. Cleanliness can be further enhanced by adding the optional Viovandt™ ultra-violet sterilising system.

The B5 sparkling water machine is built to perform elegantly and efficiently, providing ultra-reliable refreshment without the worry.

Models include chilled and ambient, chilled, ambient and sparkling, chilled, ambient and hot, chilled, hot and sparkling.

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