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Touch credit card reader cashless payment device.


Technology and innovation in one single product


Hi! Tags


No cash required.


Better hygiene and saftety.

Loyalty Schemes

Ability to offer loyalty and bonus schemes for users


Full audit data availability.


Introducing our cutting-edge cashless payment solutions, designed to streamline transactions and enhance customer satisfaction. Experience the future of payments with our integrated systems, offering the latest innovations and a frictionless payment experience. Whether for your office or public locations, our advanced card reader technology and closed-loop systems ensure hassle-free transactions. Accepting all major recognised contactless credit and debit cards, as well as app-based payment wallets, our cashless readers provide convenience and efficiency. Embrace the evolution of cashless technology and elevate your business to new heights of consumer satisfaction.

closed loop systems

Hi! is revolutionising Cashless payment systems giving you the ability to manage your purchases reliably and safely using either keys, tag or cards solutions.

Convenience for end users is at the heart of the Hi! System. It provides a versatile alternative to other cashless payment methods. As well as offering the ultimate in convenience it also complies with the highest security standards.

The Hi! readers can be installed on a wide variety of vending and table top coffee machine machines giving you the ability to use the system across your entire break out areas.

Payment can be deducted or credited electronically by inserting the tag, key or card into the reader. This means that staff can use the same device to pay for their drinks, snacks or food, always being aware of the value they have available to spend.

The system also allows for easy setup of managing both loyalty and bonuses so you can reward staff or visitors with free or discounted purchases and much more.

The system also offers full audit traceability giving you a seamless end to end solution for cashless transactions in your business.
It’s time to say Hi! For your convenient cashless solution.

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