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Complete Refreshment Solutions specialises in supplying retail catering establishments, hotels, and conference centres with high-quality front-of-house drinks solutions. Our offerings include both self-serve and staff-operated systems, complemented by quick-response service, expert training, and ingredient supply. Understanding the intricacies of retail catering, such as staff management, training, peak times, and service, we provide comprehensive support to streamline your operations. For those seeking a traditional coffee shop experience, we proudly offer the Gaggia range of espresso equipment, delivering an authentic Italian coffee experience.









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Front-of-House Systems

From push-button fully automatic hot drinks systems to the iconic Gaggia espresso machines, Complete Refreshment Solutions delivers top-quality equipment that will take pride of place in your establishment. Whether you prefer the convenience of modern automation or the timeless charm of traditional brewing, rest assured that our equipment will meet your standards for excellence.

Maintenance Contracts

At Complete Refreshment Solutions, we recognise that equipment downtime translates to revenue loss and dissatisfaction among customers. Understanding this critical aspect, we offer bespoke maintenance contracts and rapid response call-outs to ensure peace of mind for busy caterers. Our dedicated support team is committed to minimising disruptions, keeping your operations running smoothly and your customers happy.

Traditional Espresso Machines

When it comes to your coffee shop, nothing beats the authenticity and quality of a genuine Italian espresso machine from the renowned Gaggia brand. Combining modern technology with a rich heritage of espresso craftsmanship, these machines offer the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Choose Gaggia for an unparalleled espresso experience that will delight your customers and elevate your coffee shop to new heights.

Staff Training

Equipment commissioning and staff training are integral components of ensuring the success of your business. Our team of fully trained engineers and experienced coffee baristas is dedicated to assisting you in setting up and serving the perfect beverage every time. From initial setup to ongoing support, we provide comprehensive training and guidance to empower your staff and ensure consistent excellence in beverage preparation and service. Trust Complete Refreshment Solutions for expert assistance in maximising the potential of your equipment and staff.

Auditing Facility

Our service agreements offer clients easy access to auditing details, enabling them to monitor machine sales and facilitate budget planning with ease. This transparent approach ensures that all necessary data for monitoring costs and profits is readily available, empowering clients with the insights needed for informed decision-making and efficient financial management.

Ethical & Sustainable Ingredients

At Complete Refreshment Solutions, we take pride in stocking an extensive range of consumable products sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers. Our offerings include products certified by reputable organisations such as Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, and UTZ, ensuring that each purchase contributes to positive social and environmental impact. Additionally, we offer recyclable paper cups, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption.

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