Specialist Refreshment Provider to the Leisure Industry

As a speciality supplier to the Leisure Industry, Complete Refreshment Solutions understand the implications of running a successful beverage and snack offering to patrons of Sports Centres, Swimming Pools, Gymnasiums, Theatres, Theme Parks and Stadium Events. Each has their own particular requirements and we have the experience and expertise to supply the perfect equipment and maintenance package to ensure success.

From free standing vending machines to generate revenue from high footfall sites, to more front-of-house drinks solutions for cafeteria areas through to more intimate coffee machines for staff use.

Hot Drinks

Cold Drinks

Snacks & Food

Water Points


cashless systems

Managed Services

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Floor Standing

Table Top

Free Standing Drinks & Snack Machines

We supply secure floor standing beverage and snack machines with anti vandal measures vending delicious hot and cold beverages, snack, confectionary and food items. The easy way to generate revenue from nearby footfall.

Niche Product Vendors

Our flexible product vendors can be adapted to vend almost any size of item, making them ideal for vending items specific to the venue such as swimming goggles, caps, shampoo, shower gel, combs, shuttlecocks, squash balls etc.

Front-of-House Equipment

From push-button fully automatic hot drinks systems to traditional Gaggia espresso machines, you can be sure of top quality equipment that has pride of place.

Full and Transparent Auditing

Depending on the your service agreement, clients can easily access auditing details to see sales through machines and allow budget planning. This full transparency gives you all the data close to hand to allow costs / profits to be monitored. 

Coin and cashless payment

The COVID19 pandemic has meant a rise in cashless payments and most are now made by debit/credit card. CRS provide a range of hassle-free payment options. 2-tier pricing is also possible to allow staff discounted pricing when presenting their unique card / code. Whilst cashless payment is on the increase we still offer traditional coin payment and cash management services.

Expert Advice

With our extensive experience in supplying vending solutions to Sports Centres, Gymnasiums, Theatres and Stadium Events you can be assured of sensible advice and recommendations to best fit your establishment.

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Floor Standing Machines

Free standing traditional vending machines for business & leisure.

Office Coffee & HORECA

Automatic self-serve equipment for the office or caterer.

Traditional Espresso

Gaggia espresso machines for the ultimate coffee experience.

Snack & Food Machines

Snacks, food and confectionary items.

Combi Machines

Vends snacks, confectionary, food and chilled cans and bottles..

Cold Drinks

Dedicated chilled vendor dispensing cold cans and bottles.

Water Dispensers

Chilled point-of-use water dispensers.

Water Taps & Boilers

Instant hot, chilled and sparkling water.

Micro Market

Convenience store in the workplace.


Green and ethical issues.

Fully Managed Services

We fill, clean and maintain your vending machines.

Technical Services

Installation, commissioning and maintenance services.