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Schools with ‘Maintained Status’ are mandated by law to provide healthier vending options, adhering to Government Guidelines for low-sugar, low-fat, low-salt, and preservative-free snacks and drinks. Complete Refreshment Solutions, with extensive experience in supplying schools and colleges, offers a wide range of these healthier options while providing expert advice on suitable vending equipment. Our latest machines display nutritional information via on-screen displays and QR codes, promoting healthier choices. While Higher Education and Universities aren’t bound by these guidelines, we still ensure a mix of standard and healthier options in our vending machines to cater to diverse preferences.

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Healthy Vending Options

Recognising the importance of offering healthier options, particularly in the education sector, we have curated a selection of vending machine products that cater to health-conscious preferences. Our range includes lower-calorie options and zero-sugar drinks, providing staff, pupils, and visitors with a diverse array of choices that promote healthier lifestyles.

Staff Room Drinks Systems

Experience luxury in your staff room with our range of premium table-top systems, meticulously designed for optimal convenience and quality. Indulge in coffee crafted straight from the bean and beverages prepared with fresh milk, ensuring a rich and satisfying experience with every cup. From installation to maintenance, we handle every aspect, guaranteeing a seamless and delightful coffee experience for your staff.

Expert Advice

Rely on our wealth of experience in providing vending solutions tailored specifically for schools and colleges. Count on us for practical advice and tailored recommendations to perfectly suit the unique needs of your establishment. Trust in our expertise to deliver the ideal vending solution for your educational environment.

Ethical & Sustainable Ingredients

At Complete Refreshment Solutions, we pride ourselves on stocking an extensive array of consumable products sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers. Our range includes products certified by reputable organisations such as Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, and UTZ, ensuring that each purchase contributes to positive social and environmental impact. Additionally, we offer recyclable paper cups, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption.

Full and Transparent Auditing

Under our service agreements, clients enjoy seamless access to auditing details, enabling them to monitor sales generated through our machines for effective budget planning. This transparency ensures that all necessary data is readily available, empowering clients to closely monitor costs and profits with ease.

Coin and Cashless Payment

At CRS, we offer hassle-free payment options, including traditional coin payment and cash management services, alongside the increasingly popular cashless payment methods. Our system supports 2-tier pricing, enabling staff to enjoy discounted pricing with their unique card or code. Whether it’s traditional coins or modern cashless transactions, we ensure seamless payment solutions tailored to your preferences.

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