The Orchestra is the new 8 spiral machine family with incredible performance that is designed for the most demanding of locations. Among the many innovations, the transparent, modular and reconfigurable VisioShop trays and the high levels of energy efficiency.

The Orchestra has an elegant design: the black anodised aluminium cabinet features an interface area in black metal with diamond frame, which houses a wide colour graphic display together with a capacitive numeric keyboard or a touch screen selection panel.

Technological innovations, refined aesthetics, and excellent performance. 


  • Flexible configuration
  • 46 product selections
  • User friendly interface
  • Large TFT display
  • High definition window
  • Numeric selection pad
  • Electronic tray labels
  • Cashless payment system
  • Soft product dispense
  • Automatic opening/closing delievry bin
  • High energy efficiency
  • Modular and reconfigurable





Specifically dedicated to medium locations, the Swing combi vendor is aesthetically pleasing, with an uncluttered design and a flexible configuration.

It responds to the need for a reliable, high-capacity model, compact yet flexible; which can be comprehensively customised in terms of the product offer.

The Swing benefits of an optimised and flexible internal configuration which allows the management of a many different packaging sizes and products.

Swing has reached a market-leading energy efficiency, C class.


  • Flexible configuration
  • Up to 44 selections
  • Vends cans, bottles and snacks
  • Ergonomic delivery bin
  • Reinforced metal cabinet
  • Large capacity in limited space
  • Numeric keyboard for selection
  • Up to 3 payment systems
  • Advanced electronics
  • Data retrieval system
  • Ambient or temperature controlled





Designed with the consumer in mind, the Merchant Media 6 vending machine enhances the shopping experience by offering the largest product variety in the industry and a new intuitive interface.

A 3.5 inch full colour LCD display screen that is fully integrated with the numeric keypad. A virtual shopping cart enables users to select multiple items and pay for all in one transaction. The screen also enables nutritional information to be shown or to promote other products.

The Merchant Media 6 can vend any combination of snack, confectionery, food, bottles and cans with a maximum capacity of 564 items.



  • Flexible configuration
  • Capacity of up to 564 items
  • Cans, bottles, confectionary & snacks
  • 3.5 inch colour LCD display screen
  • Virtual shopping cart experience
  • Large capacity in limited space
  • Numeric keyboard for selection
  • Duel temperature control
  • Advanced electronics
  • Nearly 80% recyclable


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Hanbury Road,
Stoke Prior
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T: 01527 388230

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